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Kickstarter Exclusive: Andromeda’s Edge: All-In Pledge Board by Cardboard Alchemy.

This Pledge includes the core game, Wooden Moons and component upgrades, Astrodrakus faction card and ship upgrade, Drakanaran Flamekeepers faction card and ship upgrade, Module Expansion pack, card sleeve set, five neoprene dice mats, jumbo marbled Raider Dice, Ancient Brain Raider, Moon Art drink coaster set, and all unlocked stretch goals. Unless otherwise stated, paid add-ons from the Kickstarter Campaign are not included.

Behold Andromeda's Edge: A dazzling, uncharted region of space on the edge of the Andromeda Galaxy. Littered with the modular debris of the precursor civilization, patrolled by malicious extragalactic raiders, and bordered by dense nebulae, The Edge is a last resort for the brave and foolhardy who seek a new life beyond the oppressive reach of the Lords of Unity.

In this game, you lead a desperate faction seeking to build a new civilization on Andromeda's Edge. You begin with only a space station, a few ships, and a handful of resources. By carefully placing your ships, you will gather resources, claim moons, acquire modules to add to your station, populate planets and build developments on them. You will battle opponents and compete with others to ascend the progress tracks: Science, Industry, Commerce, Civilization, and Supremacy.

On your turn, you either launch a starship or return your ships to your station. Launching sends one of your starships to a region of Andromeda, either collecting resources from planetary systems or taking action at Alliance Bases. If the region is occupied by your opponents or fearsome raiders, face off in a dice battle, with Supremacy on the line but where strategic manipulation can turn a loss into a reward. Returning to your station allows you to activate your engine, using the modules you’ve acquired to generate energy, gain resources and carry out actions.

Throughout the game, you will build up your unique faction, building developments (Observatories, Factories, Spaceports, Cities, and Obelisks) and gaining station modules that move you up the progress tracks. Advancement on the tracks is rewarded during mid-game events and at the conclusion and is the key to victory.