The Evergreen Burrow

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Moooooove over, other dice- our Dairy20 will help you hoof it to RPG success! Don't wait till the cows come home to grab our newest D20 design- a clear resin d20 with a painted resin cow inside.

This d20 is perfect for druids and farmers alike! Whether you need a Paladin's Holy Cow or a black and white spotted familiar, our Dairy20 is the perfect die for you. Horns up, Roleplayers!

This die is a standard 20mm twenty sided die; it is made from clear resin that has been tumbled and polished to a shine, inked in white numbers. While it does include a cow inclusion, there is no impact on the balance of the rolls (due to the cow also being resin!). These dice are as fair and balanced as any other dice are.