Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge – Season III

Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge – Season III


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Exciting new special abilities include summoning Daimon to battle your opponent in your stead, locking your opponent's dice, "exploding dice" that add to your dice pool when you roll max values, mimicking your opponent's dice, swapping dice values, and splitting your dice in half.

Contents include:

  • 12 new character cards, each featuring a hero or villain from Season 3 of the Sailor Moon Crystal series
  • 18 polyhedral dice - three coloured sets (pink, purple, and black) of six different dice types
  • 21 cardboard die-cut tokens representing special abilities, coins, and summoned Daimon
  • a plastic card holder and custom Pretty Guardians lanyard for social portable play
  • 4 challenge cards to advertise that you are ready for a combat challenge, each featuring a super-deformed season 3 Pretty Guardians character

This is an expansion to the Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge base game and requires the base game to play!

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