Gates of Mara


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Lead your tribe to the Gates of Mara, portals to realms of pure elemental energy. Encounter powerful Elemental Lords, spread your control, and summon colorful magic. Vie for the most influence in each realm so you can establish your tribal claims.

From J.B. Howell, co-designer of Flotilla, Gates of Mara blends upgradeable worker placement with layered area control mechanics. You can lead reptilian Dragonkin, the amphibious Goblins, the insectoid Antids, or the arboreal Elves.

Immersive Art – The world of Mara is brought to life by the stunning art of Nastya Lehn.
Unique components – the members of your tribe are represented by standees with uniquely shaped bases, indicating which spaces they can claim.
Varied gameplay – with only two Elemental Lords in play each game and a variable central board, no two games are alike!

Strategically position your tribe members around the Realms and Gates. Enchant your tribe members to give them new abilities. Compete for short-term objectives, but keep your eyes on your influence. Only the player with the most influence can lay claim to the Gates of Mara!

2-4 players
Ages 14+
90-120 minute play time

1 Enchantment Board
5 Realm Boards
4 Player Boards
48 Enchantment Cards
20 Banner Cards
8 Fire Banner Cards
16 Objective Cards
5 Wanderer Cards
1 Central Gate
5 Standard Gates
4 Elemental Lord standees
1 Wanderer standee
28 Tribe Figure standees