Ginkgopolis: The Experts

Asmodee (ANA)

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Ginkgopolis: The Experts is an expansion for the board game Ginkgopolis that consists of six modules that can be added to the game individually or in any combination. The modules are:

  • New buildings (21-23)
  • Prestige buildings (24-25)
  • Green Spaces
  • Events
  • Keep a card
  • Experts

Also included are five player aid cards and 4 tokens for 50 success points.

The success of Ginkgopolis attracts experts from all disciplines (artists, engineers, bankers, journalists ...) who want to profit from its success. Design competitions and advertising campaigns eventually lead to increasingly imposing avant-garde buildings. So imposing, in fact, that it becomes necessary to provide green spaces in order to maintain the air quality in this boomtown. And don't let the speed of construction cause you to forget the standards expected ... an occasional inspection will set you straight!

This expansion requires a copy of Ginkgopolis.



PLAY TIME: 45 mins