Mine Your Business (Kickstarter Edition)

Envy Born Games

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Mine Your Business is a quick and tricky spatial puzzle that encourages clever planning and pattern recognition, all while being sparkly. The game features many modes of play, including solo, cooperative, and competitive rule sets.

In each mode, you will take actions on your turn to manipulate the game board and attempt to align chains of resources, so that they may be collected once your mine cart is aligned with them. You will do this by swapping, rotating, and revealing the different resource cards that make up the game board.

There is also a hungry goblin within the mine which will do its best to destroy your recently created resource paths, as well as try and eat you! Make sure you do everything in your power to avoid the goblin, and wisely utilize the tools available to you. The cleverest gnomes may even catch the goblin, eliminating it from the game!

Take care to avoid the dangers of the quarry, and steer clear of your pesky adversary. Sneak around dangerous creatures, enchant the land, and Mine Your Business!

The game will end when the mine carts belonging to each player have reached the end of the board, or if a goblin eats even a single gnome. The player with the most resources at the end of the game will stake the claim as Major Miner!