Nemesis: Lockdown

Nemesis: Lockdown

Awaken Realms

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Nemesis Lockdown is the first stand-alone expansion to Nemesis. During the game, players will be taken to totally new location - a secret base on Mars, represented by a multi-level board. Lockdown will keep the original game's highly cinematic, semi-co-op experience while introducing a lot of new, fresh mechanics.

During the tense gameplay you and your fellow players will gather items, explore different rooms and use your actions, craft, run and fight other species. During all that, every player will try to complete their secret objective, granting them victory... Sometimes at the expense of others.

Some of the new mechanics are:
- Multi-level base with stairs and elevators
- Advance computer actions
- CSS hatch system
- Power and light on different levels
- Contingency procedure
- New characters and alien race

Add the Nemesis: Lockdown Kickstarter Stretch Goals for a more complete experience.