Puns of Anarchy: An Outrageous Pun-Making Party Game

Puns of Anarchy: An Outrageous Pun-Making Party Game

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Description from the Kickstarter Page:


Hello! We're Evan and Josh, lifelong pun-lovers and general mischief makers. You might know us as the creators of Charty Party, a card game for making absurd charts that we Kickstarted last year.

For some of us, punning is a way of life. Far from the lowest form of humor, a well-crafted pun is a hilarious blend of wit and creativity. But, when put on the spot, even seasoned pun-lovers freeze up — coming up with a pun out of the blue is, like, super hard.

That's why we're hoping you'll help us bring Puns of Anarchy to life. It's a card game designed to make punning accessible to everyone, from dad-joke masters to your Aunt Belinda who's never made a pun in her life (yet).

We've played Puns of Anarchy with groups ranging from millennials to coworkers to relatives at Thanksgiving, and two things have always held true: the puns people create are endlessly unique, and we've never seen people laugh this hard. 

So, if you want to bring a dose of creativity and wordplay to your next game night, please help us make this game a reality. We can't wait to see what puns you come up with! Thanks so much,

-Evan and Josh