Star Wars Ewok Foliage Backpack by Danielle Nicole

Danielle Nicole

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Ewok The Walk

When most people think of Star Wars their minds automatically go to Jedi, Sith, and Stormtroopers. However, your favorite characters in this epic sci-fi universe are the cute and cuddly Ewoks. Now, when you go about your daily errands, carry one of those teddy bear aliens with you when you grab this Danielle Nicole Star Wars Ewok Foliage Backpack.

This bag features a beautiful leafy green design. Popping out between the two leaves on the front of the bag is an adorable Ewok with the cutest smile and the most precious eyes you've ever seen. This little guy may look like a fluffy hug machine but he is also a brave warrior. He will keep all of the belongings you keep in your pack safe from strangers. Especially if those strangers look like they work from the Empire!