The Shared Dream

The Shared Dream

Odam Publishing

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You have awoken from a nightmare only to discover that your dark dream has come to life and seeks to snuff you out.

But do not be afraid, for you are not alone. Others have had the exact same nightmare. Others are ready to fight back. Claim the power of your dreams. Re-live parts of your Shared Dream while avoiding or destroying the nightmarish creatures it has created. Discover the keys to banishing your nightmare and restoring peace in your city.

Experience The Shared Dream.

Each Shared Dream scenario contains its own Nemesis, win conditions, and mechanics, giving each Shared Dream a playstyle all their own.

With 5 Shared Dream scenarios to choose from, 10 unique player characters, and a modular city that changes with every play through, The Shared Dream combines the strategy and re-playability of a board game with the mood, theme, and storyline of a tabletop role-playing game.

The Reprint features:

• New character card bi-folds with improved health and action tracking.

• New epilogue story cards.

• Expanded rulebook with a more detailed component breakdown and further explanation of scenario-specific rules.

• Implementation of errata and rules clarifications into the manual and game components.

• Plastic caps and color-coded Reaver cards for easier enemy tracking.

• Card numbering system to make setup and breakdown quicker and easier.

10 Player Miniatures
9 Reaver Miniatures
4 Nemesis Miniatures
30 Map Tiles
20 Player Mats
30 Player Ability Cards
30 Dark Magic Cards
20 Player & Enemy Standees
5 Scenario Overview Mats
151 Personal Reflection & Enemy Cards
46 Echo & Artifact Cards
97 Night Phase Cards
140 Tokens
1 Rulebok

Ages: 15+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 60-120 minutes