Turning Red Panda Toss Mini-Backpack

Danielle Nicole

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Turning Red Panda Toss Mini-Backpack:

There's an awful lot to take in when you look at this fantastic Turning Red Panda Toss Mini-Backpack! With zipper closure front and top, it features adjustable straps, a handle, and a whole bunch of cool images inspired by the 2022 Disney/Pixar animated film, Turning Red. There are also two cool zipper pulls modeled after the panda's tail! We don't think it will turn you into a giant red panda, but… Measures approximately 10 1/2-inches tall x 9 1/2-inches wide x 5-inches long. Take a look at the matching Turning Red Panda Toss Wallet, too! Sold separately. Ages 14 and up