We Care


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A terrible pandemic is spreading through the population. Hospitals are filling up with patients in need of care. Acting as the front-line soldiers against the epidemic are scores of Healthcare Professionals. They must battle against limited resources and the twin dangers of getting sick and mental breakdown as they try and treat everyone. All hope rests on their capable shoulders. We Care – A Grizzled Game, inspired by current world events, puts players deep in the trenches as Healthcare Professionals battling a terrible disease. Working together, players must use their limited resources wisely. The stress of the job is a constant worry, as is possibly contracting the illness themselves. Based on the best-selling The Grizzled game, part of the proceeds from sales will go to a healthcare NGO, letting players actually fight against the real-world pandemic.

2-5 players
Ages 14+
30 minute play time

54 Emergency Cards
23 Infection Cards
6 Healthcare Professional Cards
4 Player Aid Cards
16 Support Tiles
1 Head of Services Standee
1 Emergency/Clinical Trials Card
1 Health Reserve/Health Disaster Card
1 Rulebook