Welcome to Sysiphus Corp

Welcome to Sysiphus Corp

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The perfect "gateway" board game that will get your non-gamer friends addicted to the world of board games!

- You can teach the game in about 5 minutes—even to your non-gamer friends.
- Endlessly replayable with over 3.2 million setup combinations.
- Easy to learn, but hard to master with lots of depth in the gameplay. (So you won’t be bored)

Welcome to Sysifus Corp! You are EMPLOYEE#318996 and are part of the most recent cohort of new hires here at Sysifus Corp. Your goal at this company is to suck up to all three Bosses before attending your annual Performance Review. The first employee to do so will be promoted! But be careful as your fellow coworkers will do anything to make you fail.